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The Point Casino

After reading one of their ads, that included a coupon, we decided to go over there along with the family. Most of us have a taste for slot machines so a casino destination for our trip sounded just perfect. We went on our way, with no expectations, and headed to The Point Casino.

The casino is located between Kingston and Port Gamble, so besides gambling, itís a nice place to get away from the city as well. With plenty of parking space we had no problems with our car and from there we entered the casino. 

The casino itself is very small, but inside there is a surprisingly large amount of different games you can play. Upon arriving we learned that our coupons were no longer valid but they accepted them anyway (Pleasant surprise!). We also joined the club and received an extra $5 play money. Time to hit the slots so we purchased tickets and went on to play. 

The amount of different slots is fairly decent. You can tell this is still a fairly new casino which is a plus as this also goes for the available video slots and other games which are state of the art. While we were there things were still pretty quiet so we got a chance to play them all.

The odds to win were good. At least for us because, in less than an hour playing the slot machines we had accumulated $ 45 in profits.

The restaurant was good, fair prices, and decent quality food. I can recommend their Sea food buffet.

They have friendly and attentive staff, that are actually helpful, unlike some other casinos I have visited, who shall remain nameless. They take the time to help and assist where necessary and they do it with a genuine smile on their face which makes for a refreshing change. The overall atmosphere is typical for a small casino. Personally I feel more at home at these smaller casinos, so I chalk it up to the list of pros of this casino.

Bonuses actually get paid out here, unlike another Casino in Vegas that refused to pay me. Overall this is a place I can recommend for a nice day to get away from it all.

All considered, this is a nice casino. So if you are looking for a small casino, with fair prices that has friendly personnel and a good selection of games, The Point Casino is highly recommended.
If you are the Vegas type casino player, then this one is not for you.